21 Best OnlyFans Alternatives for Content Creators in 2024

In 2024, content creators have many platforms to post NSFW content, catering to varied fan demands for unique subscription schemes. This guide explores diverse platforms like OnlyFans, NymphClub, and Fansly, detailing their features and monetization options for models.
21 Best OnlyFans Alternatives for Content Creators in 2024
Nymph Club: The Best OnlyFans Alternative

Content creators in 2024 can be considered spoiled for choice when it comes to venues where they can post their NSFW content. Fans are quite capricious as well, as they have grown accustomed to varied content and demand unique approaches to both subscription schemes and content consumption methods.

Luckily, models willing to sell their nudes can always turn to the Internet in search of a suitable platform that can serve to host their streams or photos. Monetization is also diversified these days, as the adult industry has embraced many kinds of payment approaches and rakes in billions in different currencies, including digital ones. For instance, OnlyFans earnings statistics indicate that around 1% of the models posted there can make up to $1 million a month, with the remaining making about $180 per month.

The following is a list of the 21 of the best OnlyFans alternatives in 2024 that models can sign up on and build a following to sell nudes online.


 As far as subscriptions go, JustForFans is a go-to place for adult content. With its lack of free live streams, the platform can help models make money and has some advantages over OnlyFans.

- JustForFans charges only 10%, compared to 20% on OnlyFans;

- Affiliate links work for JustForFans, making it easier for models to be found;

- The payouts on JustForFans are limited to a start of $50 a month;

- A very specialized audience appeal works against JustForFans, since it is oriented at the gays.

All in all, JustForFans is highly limited when it comes to content dissemination and audience attraction, since its positioning makes it more male-oriented, while the lack of live streams limits the ability of NSFW models to showcase their talents. 


 Adult content trends dictate the development of the market as a whole, which is why OnlyFans is at the top of the lineup with its top-notch marketing and audience engagement. But there are other platforms that provide adult content monetization guide facilities and one of them is FanCentro. With the adult content business rising, this platform decided to monetize on streams and subscriptions.

-  FanCentro gives creators the ability to set up a customized website;

-  A good social media integration toolkit gives models the ability to share their referral links;

- Lower than OnlyFans in terms of payouts, 75% vs. 80%;

- Solid content protection measures;

- The ability to migrate content between platforms greatly simplifies usability and content buildup.

With its many options and features, FanCentro is a modern platform that gives both models and fans the ability to enjoy quality NSFW content on the basis of a subscription in a user-friendly environment.


When it comes to adult content strategies, virtually all platforms operating in the adult industry come with the same means and options. The only real difference is the adult content revenue percentage that models actually get. But considering adult content earnings on such platforms as OnlyFans, it is not surprising that new ones like Fansly are offering their own unique products.


- Pay-per-view approach with a flexible tariff system makes content viewing more accessible and allows  models to build up a loyal audience;

- Privacy features are well advanced on Fansly, allowing models to watermark their images to make sure future redistribution without their consent is troubling;

- Tiered subscription basis allows fans to join various ranks of content based on the amount they wish to pay;

- Straightforward use by models and easy site navigation make Fansly ideal for newcomers into the industry.

All in all, Fansly is a great place to start for those who want some exotic content and are looking for a subscription basis to both quality and mild style nudes. 


 Adult content monetization is big business, so it is no surprise that it is the fans who demand variety. With earning from adult content becoming a great means of supporting one’s above-average lifestyle, models are starting to explore new adult content marketing approaches. And this is where ManyVids comes into play.

- There are many ways of making money on ManyVids, ranging from streams and video uploads to subscriptions and pay-per-view;

- The platform provides outstanding support and tutorials that let newcomers get onboarded rather quickly;

- The site prefers to showcase new models and users to help support them, considerably simplifying their appeal to new audiences and fans;

- Though convenient, the platform is still lagging behind in terms of popularity and is suffering from poor marketing;

- Last but not least, ManyVids has way too many functions and features in the interface that can prove to be overwhelming for newbies.


Like all platforms that seek to be legitimate in the adult content space, ManyVids does not allow posting of anything illegal, but supports creators who cater to niche audiences in the adult content segment.


 Adult content creators have many options at their disposal when it comes to attracting new audiences. Social media aside, the adult content platforms themselves offer many options to attract viewers. The OnlyFans monetization model relies heavily on such schemes and newcomers into the market, like Fanvue, have taken that to a new level.

- Fanvue has a better pricing policy than OnlyFans, with more generous payouts that cost only 15% for the first three months of use;

- A good range of payout options makes Fanvue great for those who either experience difficulties with some payment gateways, or want variety in the assets they will be receiving payouts in;

-  Privacy and security are well reserved on Fanvue, ensuring that models will have their rights protected;

-  The user interface is straightforward, though setting up the page excels at user friendliness at the start of the journey.

As far as content variety goes, Fanvue also abides by standards on content legality, so users who expect illegal stuff will have to be disappointed. Niche content consumers will also want to find a more suitable platform for their tastes. 


When it comes to ease of use and the nude content department, Ifans is here to make a statement about its presence in the market. The NSFW platform is a new contender for the title of the go-to place for all things adult oriented and it has the tools to make that happen.

-  Anything from fitness and beauty to hardcore BDSM is allowed on Ifans, as long as it is legal and does not violate any laws or rules of the platform’s guidelines;

-  The platform offers three types of monetization that fans can resort to and this makes it a comfortable place to attract new audiences with free teasers;

-  The live streaming app and messaging tools allow users to interact on the platform, giving it a zest of social media;

- Good earnings potential is guaranteed by the generous payouts schemes and versatility of subscription models.

All in all, Ifans is ideal for models who wish to mingle their nude or non-NSFW content with the adult types of creators and thus leverage their popularity to gain a following. 


 Patreon is the godfather of subscription basis content viewing with its many pros and cons. But the combination of the fact that it was among the first to storm the adult industry, and the fact that it hosts a wide variety of content, have allowed the platform to flourish.

- Though the platform is affordable at start, the fees do not progress in a proportional manner if the user is in for the long run on the service;

- Superfans are the main source of earnings and the reach of growth for a model is limited on the platform;

- Though easy to use and set up, Patreon gives no branding options and leaves models bare of their identity and marketing;

- The lack of a content directory turns search into a mess, providing users with content in the suggestion feed that they are not interested in.

Patreon is a mishmash of different content lineups with a subscription basis that makes it look more like a money grab. Still, the variety of content and the ability of models to post niche stuff makes it the ideal place to find things other platforms would normally limit.


The lineup of adult platforms continues with Loyalfans – a service that supports models who have a following of users dedicated to their art. 

- Loyalfans and Onlyfans have identical payout models and the same percentage fees;

- The geoblocking and other privacy protection features embedded in Loyalfans make it a great place to start for users who want variety in posting their content;

- The content on Loyalfans can be variety and posted in different formats, such as single pictures, videos, or written form;

- Many unique features like messaging give this platform the format of a social media service;

- Easy to navigate and straightforward in terms of onboarding new users, Loyalfans is great for users who are both adept at posting NSFW content and newcomers into the field.

Overall, Loyalfans is suited for users who want to find something new, but it is unlikely that it will be able to become anything out of the ordinary. Instead, users can expect Loyalfans to mimic the content of other platforms, as models will likely simply use it to cross-share existing content for the sake of greater reach


This platform is an adult fan club that caters to models who have a loyal following or want to build one. As a subscription-based platform, Admireme attracts models and fans with its liberal approach to content posting and the ease of use of its interface.

- The platform is mostly oriented at the British audience and thus favors creators from the isles;

- The service allows users to pay in both US Dollars and Euros, giving creators a choice of how they would want to receive their payouts;

- The platform favors new users and creators, prioritizing them in the search options;

- The profile settings have recommendations options that allows users to expand their ability to reach new users;

Not as popular as any of the platforms in the list and limited to 100 British Pound payouts a month, the platform is quite niche and localized to the British market.


FanTime is an adult content platform that strives to look more like a social media platform and is oriented at building a community around the models signed up to it.

- Social media-like approach makes communicating with fans easy and appealing;

- Starting fee of $4.99 for subscription is a challenge for most users who are not familiar with the content they will be getting;

- Restrictions on types of content posted;

- Direct connection with fans gives more monetization options and expands the ability of models to market their other channels.

Exclusive content is the biggest selling point on this service, as models can monetize it through direct communication with their followers. The social interaction aspect greatly facilitates fan reach and allows models to build loyal communities around their brands and persons.


Here’s another platform adult content consumers should look into. This social media platform is all about breaking down content stereotypes and focuses heavily on the privacy of the users.

- The model’s content will only be visible to a small number of users who have paid for their subscription;

- Exclusive content is the main selling point and the main product of the platform, attracting users with the very concept of having to pay for something unique;

- The ability to create personalized content on a demand basis is what makes this platform fan-oriented in a very special way;

- The variety of subscription programs available favors fans and allows models to expand their following reach through a wide range of discounts and bonuses.

Quality content is the main requirement of MYM that places virtually no restrictions on the types of content models are willing to post. Most importantly, the platform places great emphasis on the security of the content and way users can handle it.


This platform was recently acquired by a competitor known as Passes, which intends to alter the service and improve it to better leverage its existing image and boost it in the future. At present, the service still functions and content creators can migrate their material at will, while users can make use of the platform’s functions and features.

- The subscription basis comes as standard on Fanhouse and is varied by the types of content provided;

- Models can send invites as well as other users;

- Limited time posts, audio posts, wall albums, polls, and other types of social interaction functions are available;

- Locked media is available on a paid basis.

With its acquisition and restructuring underway, Fanhouse is not likely to be the best place for models to start their careers, but rather as a sidekick to other, more prominent posting venues.


This service states outright that it favors free speech and places no taboos on the types of content posted. However, illegal content, or content that infringes on the rights of other creators, cannot be found here. Still, the site has something to it that models can turn to.

- Emphasis is placed on creating and posting exclusive content;

- Live streams make the platform ideal for webcam models;

- Monetization is comparable to OnlyFans in form and function;

- A relatively convenient interface and good onboarding procedure play into this platform’s favor.

A big advantage of Adultnode is that it leverages the use of tokens that users can accumulate and spend for gaining access to exclusive content and platform functions.


This subscription-based adult content platform has the desire to go the TikTok way and allow models to monetize their content, which can be varied in nature and priced differently.

- This is a social network that attracts fans of adult content and allows them to interact with the models;

- The verification and use of the platform is exactly like on OnlyFans, with no major differences;

- The TikTok-style approach makes this platform idea for short reels and adult videos;

- Focused on bloggers and influencers in the adult industry.

Like the name that almost copies the heavyweight of the adult industry, FriendsOnly is all about the content and is a great place for models to start. 


This platform is positioned as an extremely user-friendly one that focuses on the discoverability of models. With a good variety of posted content, the platform is ideal for new models.

- Organic growth of user bases and fans is the main attraction of the platform;

- Subscription-based content viewing allows models to monetize their content;

- Good interface usability and straightforward onboarding process;

- Poor liquidity and low purchasing power of the audience make this a sidekick platform.

The relatively new service still has a very long way to go before it matches even its closest competitors. Models willing to post here should think hard about the benefits of doing so.


This is a true exclusive social networking website for adult content creators and fans. Make no mistake, the XXX content is there and then some. More importantly, models on this platform have the freedom to interact with their fans and the latter can order customs.

- Custom photo and video order function goes a long way in terms of positioning;

- Over 16,000 models on the platform;

- Great reach across continents like the United States, Southeast Asia, Australia, and Canada;

- Use of tokens allows for exclusive content and features access;

IsMyGirl is the ideal place to start for models who want to create custom content and interact with their fans on a platform that not only favors monetization, but also frees them from having to be subdued by content type restrictions.


Modelhub, as the name suggests, is a place where models can post their content and their offers on creating custom content for fans. The venue is part of the Pornhub service and is designed to help models market and sell their exclusive content in new ways and to new audiences.

- Reach across social media platforms provided as a marketing tool;

- Easy search option for users;

- Full integration into original Pornhub directory for instant content migration and model reach;

- Integrated marketplace with easy-to-use interface and simple payment options.

As Pornhub knows everything there is to know about the adult industry, its new Modelhub service comes equipped with all the best functions and features users have grown accustomed to and expect from such a platform.

Scrile Connect

This service is a bit different from the rest, as it positions itself as the “ultimate white-label platform for content monetization”. This means that Scrile Connect lets models set up their own domains and select payment options for the content they post.

- Personalized domain option opens up interesting avenues for brand popularization and further establishment;

- Integration of varied payment options allows models to cater to subscriber preferences;

- Content privacy and pricing options give models more freedom of content control;

- Pro and Enterprise pricing plans are the only ones that allow adult content posting.

Scrile Connect is more of a hosting service for setting up domains that lets models start building their brands and posting content for subsequent integration of the established venue into social media and other platforms.

AVN Stars

AVN Stars is a massive platform that has been growing since 2016 to over 50 million users and is positioned as a serious competitor to OnlyFans. The platform has thousands of new content creators joining on a daily basis with even more new users.

- Referral program integrated into the service, which allows a user to earn up to 5% of the model’s earnings a month;

- The subscription fee is the same as on Onlyfans;

- The payout period is 21 days, which makes it rather inconvenient for those who are strapped for cash;

- Geoblocking and other features make it a great place for models to post their content and enjoy privacy.

AVN Stars is very versatile when it comes to content variety and the ways models can post their videos or images. This, coupled with the subscription plans, allows the service to seriously compete with OnlyFans in terms of both form and function.


This is a sales platform, rather than a dedicated NSFW content website. The service allows for some interesting new features and is best used in combination with other venues for models seeking real monetization. 

- Great user experience based on a convenient interface, straightforward onboarding and good search options;

- No brand recognition guaranteed here;

- Just a sales platform with requirements on posting of adult content;

- Fixed 15% fee on sales.

Models looking for a solid adult-oriented platform should go to OnlyFans instead of Unlockd, since this platform is more oriented on software services and goods.


When it comes to modeling, the newest trends in the industry revolve around crypto. Bitcoin and its blockchain-based ilk are more than just a means of investing and waiting for appreciation, but also a means of payment for nudes. Models can sell nudes for crypto on certain platforms and one of them is Nymph Club. This platform, as one of the newest, has taken into consideration the shortcomings of its predecessors and has rectified them, thus offering a more holistic experience for both models and users.

- Nymph Club monetization is based heavily on the use of cryptocurrencies and the site provides a solid guide on how to cash out;

- Nymph Club content is open in terms of video styles and presentation with free live streams available;

- Nymph Club earnings are higher than on OnlyFans, but the platform is only just gaining traction;

- A great interface and a wide range of model popularization and branding options single this platform out as a contender for the best of its kind in the crypto space.

Nymph Club is a progressive platform for adult content creators who want variety in terms of dissemination like through live streams. The subscription basis is straightforward, while crypto payout options are diverse enough to let fans from all walks sign up and enjoy exclusive NSFW content.